Summer 2017

delivery day

delivery day

This week for me mainly consisted of executing Midd Foods duties in preparation for our deliveries which will be this upcoming Friday and Sunday. Because I manage the communications branch of the operation, it is my job to advertise our business on social media and to remind people during delivery week of their pickup times and locations. One of our largest problems at Midd Foods occurs when customers forget to pick up their orders so it is extremely important that I reach as many people as possible with reminders about their pickups. If as a team we can strive for a 100% pickup rate from our customers, Midd Foods would save a considerable amount of food, money and time allowing us to effectively eliminate waste and stay more organized with our inventory. Being part of small business for the first time my eyes have been opened to reality of all the various moving parts and time/effort it takes to execute an operation of this nature. I definitely have grown a greater appreciation for small business owners and more specifically the people who start and run Midd Foods during the year. Another major lesson that I am learning is that within our small business it is  imperative that everyone is meticulous about his/her individual jobs so that things do not fall through the cracks and we do not upset our precious customers. I have learned that one careless and seemingly unimportant mistake can have a whole host of effects that trigger bigger issues in the operation. For example, forgetting to put one item in food in one customer’s bag or putting one bag in the wrong pickup location can have the potential to throw off the numbers for multiple sites. I learned this lesson the hard way during our past delivery when a customer came to pick up her order and when I went to grab her ravioli I remembered that I had accidently placed it with the Brandon orders. I apologized profusely to our customer and explained my mistake and all she said back was “well there goes my dinner”. This was one of our customers who is currently on EBT and I felt terrible thinking about how her and her family might not have sufficient food for dinner that night because of my mistake and failure to double check. On a more positive note though, I something that I love about our deliveries is that for the most part the operation runs smoothly and often at pickup customers will praise us for our efforts or tell us how big of difference we are making for the community or their families. The customers do not realize the huge impact that these words have on all of us who have been extremely stressed all week and need these types of comments to inspire us to keep going. In terms of delivery tomorrow, I am really hoping for a smooth delivery but not aiming for perfection as I know that this is unrealistic. There is no such thing as a perfect delivery and there will be slip ups but the most important thing is to keep moving forward and to remember how far the company has come and how many people care about it. I am excited to hopefully take a larger role in the operation tomorrow and to try to take some of the weight and stress off of the individuals who usually run it. I want to do my job the best of my ability and remember the Midd Foods mission and in doing that I can leave the weekend feeling accomplished no matter what happens.

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